I have been inspired by so many amazing bloggers to eat healthy on a budget and discouraged by others who seem to have no idea that kids are always hungry and when you have 3 toddlers making a nourishing meal isn’t always realistic. So, here I am starting another blog(aren’t there enough out there?)! Because if I’m busy it makes sense to add something else to my schedule… NOT. In all seriousness, this blog is for me and not for the readers. I can’t ever seem to find the perfect menu plan with the perfect shopping list that actually works for me! So, I started menu-planning on a very sophisticated white board from the dollar store. The problem? I always erase is and forget my past menus. I’ve tried keeping lists, but I have 1 toddler who delights in drawing on everything and 2 toddlers that have just discovered scissors. Nothing is safe!

Let me introduce myself, I’m a mostly-stay-at-home mother of twin 3 1/2 yr olds and one 2 yr old. My husband is the sanity behind the chaos, and we’ve been married almost 6 years. We live in the beautiful NW just an hour north of Seattle. Our monthly food budget is $500. We’re debt-free and make a decent income, but if I don’t keep the grocery budget in check we wouldn’t have any money for savings! The other day I was trying once again to pinch pennies and decrease the food budget and found out that under food stamps our family qualifies for $650< a month! And as I scoured the web for families of 5 eating real food for $500 or under I realized it was slim. That’s why I call myself  “realistic” frugal mama. I can’t “realistically” eat nourishing foods for under $500 and that number qualifies as frugal in America(weird). And I’m a mama 😀

Where I Buy My Groceries: Our local food co-op, Costco, Grocery Outlet, Azure Standard, and the occasional ethnic or regular grocery store. The main place I save money is at Skagit Gleaners. I want this blog to be a local resource for my fellow skagitonians, so as I master blogging I intend to include prices and shopping lists. Basically I aspire to be the local Budget Bytes blogger(love her)

My Cookbooks: The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, Anything by Moosewood, The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, Teens Cook(what my husband loves to use), Nourishing Traditions, More with Less and Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

My Favorite Blogs: WAY too many to list, so I’ll just mention them as I use them in menu-planning.

And we’re off!


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